At Sanstrum & Associates, Inc. we believe wherever you want to go, you're more likely to get there if you start with a good map and head in the right direction. Our mission is to help you chart your journey, quantify the resources it will require, and create a realistic plan to get you moving towards your chosen destination.  While you're on the road, we'll help you stay on the right track. 

We want to clearly understand you - 

  • your history,
  • your transitions,
  • your goals,
  • your values.

We bring our knowledge and experience of -

  • cash and debt management, 
  • retirement planning,
  • education funding,
  • estate planning,
  • risk management
  • business planning,
  • taxation, and 
  • socially responsible investing.

We spend time asking challenging questions to help you consider your situation from new perspectives so you have a broader understanding of your situation. 

We work with you to discover the best choices you can make along your journey.  We make clear recommendations corresponding with your values so you can take the actions necessary to move toward your goals aspirations. 

We regularly review your plan with you to discover any changes in your situation that necessitates change to the plan. 

Securities and Advisory Services offered through Nations Financial Group, Inc. (NFGI), member FINRA/SIPC, a Registered Investment Adviser. Aaron Sanstrum is a Registered Representative of NFGI. Sanstrum & Associates, Inc. is a separate entity from NFGI. Click here to view the firm's Form CRS. Availability of investment services subject to applicable licensing requirements.