Wealth Management is a holistic approach to your financial plan.  The process starts by examining the wealth management universe and its seven modules:

  • ACCUMULATION – asset growth through savings and investing.
  • RETIREMENT PLANNING – planning use of accumulated assets in the most advantageous manner.
  • EDUCATION FUNDS – determining how much will be needed and planning for that cost.
  • ESTATE PLANNING – determining how to transfer assets to your heirs with minimal hassle and cost.
  • RISK MANAGEMENT – determining risks facing assets and address how to protect them.
  • BUSINESS PLANNING – examine how to grow and manage your business and prepare for succession.
  • TAXATION – minimize tax burden while making good economic decisions.
  • SOCIAL RESPONSIBLE INVESTING – choosing investments that reflect your values and worldview.


From examining each module in detail, a game plan is created listing suggestions as to which items require immediate attention and those which are more long-term in nature.


Wealth Management is about more than assessing where you need to go, developing a strategy to get there and executing that strategy.  It's also about monitoring your progress over the long term. 

As your life changes, your financial needs also change.  Sanstrum & Associates, Inc. will help you plan for significant life events and incorporate them into your strategy.  They can also evaluate the impact of unplanned events that may affect your plans.  

Regular communication between you and Sanstrum & Associates, Inc. is important to track your progress so the plan can be updated to address your evolving needs as well as changes in market conditions.

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